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Why Xtra Curriculum

  • We Want To Add Extra Value To Your Child’s Curriculum By Providing In-Depth Knowledge With Quality Content And Relevant Real Life Illustrations.

  • Be it one on one sessions or group lessons with a maximum of 5 students, we are able to provide a one to one learning experience which addresses each student’s learning needs.

  • We encourage students to embrace the new digital way of learning while still giving them a classroom experience and a platform for discussion.

  • Curated with the help of expert scholars, our syllabus is carefully designed to include all levels of learners.

  • Xtra Curriculum provides a personalized learning experience leveraging detailed student analytics. Parents can track their child’s progress through a comprehensive dashboard.

  • Our learning modules include visually rich content to enable conceptual clarity and better recollection

  • Our teaching techniques such as awarding badges based on progress are designed to get children excited about learning new concepts and encourage them to think outside the box.

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Who we are

Xtra Curriculum is a top-class Coding and Mathematics learning platform for young minds. Guided by highly experienced tutors, our programs give kids a strong foundation in basic concepts and help them achieve their future goals.

The ideals of Xtra Curriculum are the need of the hour, especially since the digital age is deeply shaping the way that students learn. We believe that technology is as important in today’s world as ABC or 123.

To steer clear of confused looks and scrunched up noses, the topic needs to be explained in a way that kids can relate to. And this is what the tutors at Xtra Curriculum do. Kids graduating from Xtra Curriculum will be ready to take on all the latest technologies including Deep Learning, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, 3D printing, and so on. In addition, our courses also go easy on your wallet! So what are you waiting for? Register for our free demo today!

What we do

Real life examples and applications are the highlights of all Xtra Curriculum courses. We offer both one on one as well as group sessions with a maximum of 5 students per class. Owing to the small class strength, our tutors are able to provide individual attention to the students. Thus the students still get a classroom experience and can also interact actively with other students.

Each class starts with a video or a scenario representation after which the tutors explain the content presented. Then the stage is open for a question and answer session. During this session, students can get guidance regarding any coding or analysis they have been working on and even share their system access with the Trainer or Tutor to handle any technical queries.

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Xtra Curriculum is an amazing site! Totally affordable online courses. It keeps my 4-year old’s attention and the content is right on target for her level of learning.

I cannot believe how fast this program works! The learning material is broken down perfectly into different levels and the kids are presented with a badge at the end of each level! The interactive learning modules and the wonderful tutors have children completely hooked on to learn more each day!


Frequently Asked Questions

For what age group is Xtra Curriculum suitable?

Xtra Curriculum is suitable for kids from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

How can I attend a free demo class? Can I attend a free class for each subject?

If you are interested in any of our courses listed in our website, please click on the trial section to register for a demo class.

Are there different packages offered?

We provide both one-to-one and group sessions.

Who do I call if I need technical help?

Please drop an email to or call our Hotline number - (814)- 251-XTRA in cases you are facing any issue.

My kid is too young. Will he/she be able to understand the topics?

Our Programs are suitable for kids from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Our Tutors explain the courses from fundamentals and they teach the concepts from elementary level.

What are the minimum System requirements to take the course?


  • Compatible Operating System: Windows 8 or 10

  • Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge


  • Compatible Operating System: OS X

  • Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari

  • For some courses, you may need a Windows emulator or partition.

How can parents use the portal for monitoring their child’s progress?

Parents can view their child’s report which is shared by the course coordinator after their monthly tests.

Will the class recordings be saved and be available for watching anytime?

The class recordings will be available for 2 Weeks after the live classes to watch at your convenience.